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Reigniting Passion and Intimacy in Long-term Relationships

Katie Sampayo

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MEET Katie Sampayo

Katie is the Owner of THRIVE Fitness & Adventure retreats, Founder of THRIVE Coaching- A high level Holistic health and Life Coaching program, Certified Personal Trainer, 200 Hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, #1 Bestselling Author of "Eat To Thrive: The Anti-Diet Cookbook", and former T.V. show host of "Eat Right, Live Well " on channel 47 ABC.

Katie has been traveling the world full-time since 2018 living a life filled with adventure, connection, and transformational experiences. Her mission is to powerfully serve and inspire everyone in this world to live a life where they truly THRIVE! 


MEET Lisa Machenberg

LISA R. MACHENBERG is an Instructor and Staff Hypnotherapist at HMI College of Hypnotherapy in Tarzana, Ca. 

She teaches continuing education certification courses for the American Hypnosis Association in: Hypnosis and ADD, Hypnosis and PTSD, Hypnosis Before and After Surgery, and Hypnosis and Seniors.  If Lisa looks familiar she is also the host of the popular internet shows, AMAZING MIND and HYPNOSIS TODAY on the Hypnosis TV Channel. 

Lisa was just featured as the “Hypno-Mom” on Bravo’s new show, Extreme Parenting.  Lisa also facilitates the infant and toddler parenting program at Gan Malibu Preschool in Malibu, Ca.