Hey there you fine human!

I am SO excited for you to dive deeper into physical pleasure for yourself and with those you share these experiences with.

I’ve created the videos and worksheets for the Unleash Your Pleasure mini-course to help you!

Please take time to go through each question thoroughly. Each question is designed to help you get clarity on what you find pleasurable and how to enhance feelings of juiciness and ecstasy in your life through physical intimacy.


Before you dive in, I just wanted to offer the following definitions for these worksheets:

Physical pleasure: can be anything that feels good to you physically (whether that’s sexual or non-sexual pleasure). 

Partner: anyone you share physical pleasure with (sexual or non-sexual). This can be a person you are in a relationship with, a casual lover, a friend, a cuddle buddy, etc.

Sending you BIG LOVE through this journey of exploration with your physical pleasure! 

And don’t forget! INTIMACY IS SEXY! 😉



Part One - Connecting to your Physical Pleasure Needs

Part Two - Creating Safety for Physical Pleasure

Part Three - Giving vs. Receiving Pleasure

Part Four - Creating Physical Pleasure Experiences

Bonus - Creating Physical Pleasure Experiences

Brainstorm a pleasurable experience through physical intimacy that would feel AMAZING!
(Freestyle write this: What is the ideal environment? Fantasy? Who is involved? What are you wearing? Get really connected to each detail! This is just for fun to see where it takes you!)

WOW!!! You made it to the end! Congratulations!

Now that you have a solid foundation of how to increase physical pleasure, 

you may be wondering how to go even deeper in your pleasurable experiences.

Book a call with me so I can help you put together a plan to get the results you want in this area of your life.

Bonus - Sensuality Workshop