Love Trauma Recovery


The Shocking Truth Why 9 out of 10 People Struggle in Life & Love

Are you one of the 90% who Struggles in Life and Love and can’t figure out why? Do you end up in frustrating, toxic behavioral cycles with your partner, or only seem to attract toxic dates – never leading to a quality relationship? There are definite reasons why this is happening to you! The good news is, this can be fixed and it’s not your fault!

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1) What the Hidden factors are that Frustrate People in Life & Love; take the Childhood Trauma Checklist to see what past traumas impact you

2) How Past Adverse Childhood experiences impact You now as an adult

3) Why You’re Successful in Business but Struggle in Love – and can’t figure out the way to Emotionally Healthy relationships

4) What is causing that lonely, anxious, and empty feeling, and how to break free of them. Learn the method to have more joy, happiness, and purpose in life as well as how to have sustaninable, quality loving relationships.

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The Mental Game of Finding Love

Finding love can be the most empowering, eye-opening and impactful personal growth journey of your life! 

Completely shift your approach to love and dating starting TODAY

This life-altering training is directly from Michelle's paid online program, Power Love Project- an empowered approach to finding love without compromising yourself.

Get your head in the game of love without obsessing over it or pretending like it's 'no big deal'. 

Help ensure that every swipe-right and every date comes from an authentic & playful place, rather than a longing for someone to fill the gaps in your life.

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Riana Milne, MA – Global Cert. Life, Dating & Relationship Coach, CCTP, LMHC, LCADC, CAP, SAC, Certified Mindfulness Coach, Educational Speaker, and #1 Bestselling Author

My mission is to help women, men and couples of all ages overcome and heal from past childhood, dating, and relationship trauma to move on to create a life and relationship they are passionate about.

Over 20 years of research is at the core of the Dating to Mating System for Singles and the Relationship Rescue Coaching program for Couples. With the “Mindset for Success,” you will gain the necessary confidence and essential skills to attract and keep an emotionally healthy, evolved and conscious partner. 

Using a holistic, individualized coaching approach designed to help every woman, man and couple better understand themselves both emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, the Lesson in Life & Love Coaching programs were all designed to help every person to create the life they desire and to have the love they deserve.

As a teen it was my goal to become a counselor, so at age 37 I went back to college and graduated Summa Cum Laude with honors obtaining my Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Rowan University and subsequently taught Graduate courses in Addiction Counseling and Public Relations at the University level. Wanting to have a greater personal impact on people’s lives by giving a more VIP, specialized service, I became a Certified Singles & Couples Relationship and Life Coach in 2010 with Relational Coaching Insitute (RCI).

After experiencing Love Trauma myself in 2011 with a husband I dearly loved, I was not able to get any answers or help from many Psychotherapist friends of mine. Research around Emotional Love Trauma and it’s PTSD symptoms simply did not exist. I made it my mission to gather the science-based research answers I needed, as well as to help others, including my clients, who have been through emotional and psychological abuse from their partners. 

I was so excited with what I discovered, I knew I had to share it with the world. I went on to acquire a CCTP – Cert. Clinical Trauma Professional education, along with getting Certified as a Mindfulness Coach. In 2017 I retired from being an LMHC and went global as a Cert. Life, Dating & Relationship Coach and Emotional & Love Trauma Recovery Coach. The coaching programs I developed for both Singles and Couples, and for straight and LGBT populations, have become proven success stories with thousands of people. My research and education has now touched millions of people around the world, with the development of my Childhood Trauma Checklist and Coaching education around this topic.



Michelle Baxo is a women's mindset and love coach, and founder of founder of Power Love Woman, helping women leaders feel powerful and supported as they claim their next level in love, life and leadership.  

Michelle has a masters degree in Counseling Psychology, with a professional background in psychotherapy, mind-body healing, and transformational coaching. Her advice can be found in Cosmopolitan, Insider, and Forbes as well as in her YouTube channel, and first book, Power Love Dating.