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Raeeka has created The "Broken Picker" Solution, a FREE guide that goes into detail about how to identify relationship ready men and avoid unavailable guys starting NOW! She will show you exactly  how to pick a relationship-ready man with actionable steps you can implement right away. With this valuable FREE training you can crack the dating code with information you can use right away – before you go on another date!

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This is the best piece of writing I've ever done, which I just finished. I decided to share it with you first because it has themes central to both of my publication, and contains some learned-the-hard-way wisdom regarding courtship, or lack thereof. The link is private, but I'll approve anyone who requests access.

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Raeeka Yaghmai is an award-winning dating blogger, host of the Dating with Confidence podcast and weekly live TV, known for her unique Lasting Love Method for successful professional women around the world who want to find their life partner even if they think finding the right man is difficult. 

Her approachable and compassionate personality – along with her vast knowledge of modern dating and relationships – combines with her powerful coaching ability to make her a highly sought after mentor. 

She’s an avid advocate of love education – which is strongly missing from the traditional academic system – as well as women empowerment.



Ben Miller starts businesses designed to help people and the planet. He recruited for Teach For America while completing his BA in philosophy, setting a nationwide record and helping the org become the top employer of his graduating class. 

Then he almost became a shrink, which is now his retirement plan—after three semesters at the New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, he transferred to business school and spent the next eight years starting and supporting dozens of social enterprises. In 2016, he began a prestigious fellowship through ProInspire, which placed him at Pachamama Alliance in San Francisco for a year and after that he went to India to work with his web developers. 

This May he moved to NYC after two years in Delhi. At Sapiosexual—the fifth media company at which he’s worked—he manages operations and marketing. You can reach him at coo@sapiosexu.al.