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40 Minute Workshop to unlock the basic of Sensual Movement as a practice of liberation of and deep connection with your body. 

This workshop gives you the fundamentals to relating with your body as an expression of divinity and unleashing your sensuality from within. Grounded in Self Love and your Divinity. 

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Sharp, frank, and fearless, that’s Buddhist psychologist, sex therapist, author and speaker Dr. Cheryl Fraser. With a rare combination of academic credibility, humor, straight-talk, and life-changing advice, Dr. Cheryl is a sought-after media psychologist and relationship expert. She has helped thousands of couples jumpstart their love life and create passion that lasts a lifetime. She is an international speaker on the topic of Love and Passion and has been a guest expert for Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and more.

A highly successful and awarded Fulbright scholar, Dr. Cheryl has conducted research on sexual behavior and what causes love relationships to succeed or fail. With her groundwork, she created the Become Passion – Create Love that Lasts a Lifetime - online immersion program for couples. 

She’s a dynamic guest expert for Podcasts, TV and radio who is direct and entertaining. She is also a columnist for Mindful and Best Health magazines where she explores love, sex, relationships, meditation, and the human experience. Dr. Cheryl’s new book, Buddha’s Bedroom–The Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion and Lifelong Intimacy published in 2019.



Orgasmic Freedom Coach, Personal Liberation Activist, and Bio Spiritual Transformational Artist. Wild Mama of 2 boys, Nicole has been devoted to the Liberation of humans, with an emphasis on children and mothers.

Nicole has been supporting people in Reconnecting to their True Nature as Divine Beings. Liberating themselves from the Societal Programs of control, fear, repression, and Artificial constructs that keep people Separate from their True Authentic  Wildly Divine Self.

She has worked with Movement and Dance practices, as a way to achieve spiritual connection, to connect with and trust her body, and to express creativity through rhythm and dance. Having personally experienced two Orgasmic and profound Unassisted births, it allowed her to Deeply trust her body and her divine guidance. This led to Nicole supporting women in reconnecting with their  Goddess innate Power, to creating life, and to deepening their Sensual and Sexual Spiritual awakening as a way to change the world and find deep feminine Freedom.

Nicole’s work is Revolutionary, out of the Box, fun, intuitive, and divinely guided. 

Her Wildly transformative, fun-loving, and gentle approach creates massive ripple effects of activation and Collective Freedom. She is a catalyst for Change and Transformation.

In the last 3 years, as the Founder of Orgasmic Freedom, she has been working with women in unleashing the healing powers of their own sensuality and sexuality. 

Self Healing and Unleashing of the Feminin Creation Nature we carry within. 

Her clients have experienced: Finding Deep Profound Trust in themselves and their intuition, Activating their Desires, and using their Life force energy to heal, manifest, and make life-changing Love…. Conceive and naturally birth their children.  Liberate their Self Expression.  In such a Way were Radical self Love and Freedom it’s their new way of interacting with the World.

Working with her is Taking on a Journey of Following the Divine Pleasures of Life as Guidance.  Unleashing the Beauty you are meant to be. 

And becoming an Activated Goddess on the Planet.  Reclaiming you Freedom

And stepping into Physical, Sexual, Reproductive Sovereignty. 

Ps: this work Guarantees Life Changing Sexual experiences. Were you tapping into what it is like to Make love like your making Love to God.

She Guides you on a Journey from Orgasmic Reveal, to orgasmic Unleash to finally Orgasmic Mastery, Expansion, and Surrender.