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Sex and Relationship Geek, Reid Mihalko is asking, "If you could ONLY have 10 sex toys, which one give YOU the best BEST bang for your buck?" 

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• Some Quick "How and Why" Tips to explain why these toys will make you better in bed (regardless of your gender, fyi)!

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As seen on NETFLIX' "Chelsea Does..." alongside Chelsea Handler, Reid Mihalko (he/him) of is an internationally known sex and relationship geek who helps adults create more self-esteem, self-confidence, and greater health and accountability in their relationships and sex lives using an inspiring mixture of humor, personal stories, keen insight, and comprehensive sexual health information. 

In early 2018, some very brave people came forward during #MeToo sharing harms that Reid had caused them. Reid stepped down from teaching and initiated a restorative justice-based accountability process to address his misconduct and make amends if and where possible. The formal, year-long process along with Reid’s apology and resources were shared publicly and can be found at Going forward, Reid’s projects and appearances will include pointing people towards resources and experts on restorative and transformative justice-based accountability processes. 

Reid’s workshops and college lectures have been attended by over 50,000 people from all over the globe. He has appeared in media such as Oprah's Our America With Lisa Ling on OWN, Netflix, the Emmy award-winning talk show Montel, Dr. Phil's The Doctors on CBS, Bravo's Miss Advised, Fox News, in Newsweek, Seventeen, GQ, The Washington Post, and in thirteen countries and at least seven languages.

Reid is also founder of Sex Geek Summer Camp, Sex Geek Conservatory, and Sex Geek School for Gifted Sex Geeks, which help sex educators learn valuable business skills that allow them to reach more people with greater ease, transform more lives, and make a better living as sexperts.

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Jodie hit a turning point in her life over twenty years ago when she was struggling with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) that caused infertility and other medical issues. She turned to natural health and food to help her clean up her life, overcome PCOS and is eternally grateful for the birth of not one, but three daughters (a singleton and later twins).

Through these medical struggles, Jodie always sought for a natural solution. Jodie is a Family Natural Health Expert, Author of Your Family Health Organizer (2007, Robert Rose Publishing Inc.), Organic Skincare Formulator, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), and Certified Nutrition Aesthetics Practitioner (CNAP, to graduate July 2021).

But her skincare products aren’t for everyone. If you are looking for anti-aging rhetoric and promises you won’t find it with Clean Kiss. Instead Jodie’s products are pro-aging and celebrate womxn in midlife and all the joys and challenges that brings.
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