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Non-Conformity & Trusting Your Body


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The core tool of my 'Discover your Relationship Needs Blueprint' offering is the Relational Needs Framework. 

This framework culminated in working with the Relationship Anarchy Smorgasbord, studying Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD), personal experience of monogamy and non-monogamy, and much more.

This framework is a weave of aspects I loved, which helped my clients and the missing parts.

I want this to be a foundation, a springboard, a tool for people to gather words and descriptors for the types and styles of relationships that suit them. 

This framework is my gift to you. Enjoy!

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After many years coaching in the corporate world—helping people grow in leadership, marketing and business/personal relationships—certified life coach and author Jeanne Sullivan Billeci decided to pursue her life passion and become The Soul Mate Coach. 

She has entertained and inspired millions in media interviews with her expert tips and her extraordinary mid-life love story, where she turned her marketing skills on herself to attract her husband overnight. Praised for her unique voice that "makes you feel like your fabulous, wise BFF is in the room with you," she helps singles step up for themselves and attract a true partner. 

She believes her purpose is to help bring soul mates together, making the world a better place.



Sue is a trauma-informed writer, bodyworker and educator fascinated by sexuality, gender, consent, power dynamics, shame, and relationships.

Their lived experiences of being queer, genderfluid, and non-monogamous fuel their appetite for informed, compassionate, kind and inclusive education. 

Through one-to-one sessions, writing and workshops, Sue hopes to provide ways to honour and counteract stigma and shame, particularly around bodies, thoughts, and desires. 

They believe in sharing experiences and helping people feel less alone with who they are on the inside.