Download 10 Questions to Deepen Intimacy Within Yourself and Others Now!

Ignite Your Intimacy!

My name is Sydney Richdale and I help people create the intimate life they desire! I have a strong drive to help people create deeper connections within themselves and the world around them. I am also a certified reiki practitioner, and love to connect with people and animals on an energetic level. It is my mission to help people feel the sense of love, connection, and belonging they are looking for. I’m a big nerd when it comes to nature and animals and aspire to create a therapeutic farm in my future too!

I want to help you connect deeper intimately with yourself and with those around you. That’s why I’ve created these two free resource sheets to help you! They are designed to help you get connected to what feels good to you and how to bring more connection back into your life. I’ve also created one for people in relationships to help grow intimacy and connection with your loved one!

Connect deeper intimately with yourself and those around you!